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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  September 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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memorial for a total year-old girl had been killed and how the tragedy is trying attention to a very dangerous road in the north bay. the incredible things this mom allegedly did when her daughter got caught. what and how we can't and will have that story coming up get a headstart in your morning drive so far so good across the san mateo bridge bay area drive * coming up. good morning everyone in this friday is here we're happy about that time nellie 6:00 in nevada family mourns the loss of their 12 year-old daughter after she was hit by a car and killed
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yesterday afternoon. it happened along the bottom boulevard near san marin high- school. of the debt grows, where she just spoke with the principal and she joins us with that. did police i did speak at the principles she did not want to go on camera you could really feel a sense of sadness in their place she says her heartfelt prayer cents a basically going out to the family this morning in july to make note that grief counselors will be available to them. did we twee last paid signal to i get that up for you and get back to keep later. meanwhile the albany middle school teacher accused of having an inappropriate relationship with the students will be in court today james was picked up wednesday on suspicion of lewd acts with a child under 14 the district contacted police after a cba complaint on monday he is free at $100,000 bail. the santa
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clara a possible arrest on drug charges would back in court today montague elementary sec louis allegedly offered drugs to an undercover officer investigators found meth ecstasy tells a somewhat in cameras at the principles san francisco hall. did we family it the morning after the young girls killed we have keep back now. get you talk to the principle this morning. to equate that with all right few moments ago she did not want to go on camera by did say that she did offer her heartfelt prayers and thoughts to that a lot of family she also wanted to make note that greaved counselors will be offering a 5% talk to to help students and teachers morelos we did have a photo of her efface but memorial identifies says the 12 year-old to healy moved here from new mexico just two weeks ago now
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immemorial is growing at the spot there are a few candles near samarkand high-school police say the young girl was wearing her helmet and a backpack and was backing him from school along the busy boulevard she was on a couple hundred yards from hall when a white gmc yukon he her head on this happened around 3:00 p.m. yesterday they say she was taken to a local hospital and air attacks to oakland's children's hospital where she died 2 1/2 hours later in the wake of this tragedy parents to run their children to read safer. i caught one of them during yesterday and explained that they need to drive any predictable it's just like cars. the intersection is one of the busiest in town without a stop light. police say the driver did say at the scene and cooperated with authorities did not believe he was intoxicated or violated any traffic laws the principal says there'll be counselors here from
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three different organizations to help balance in the plan on being here today and throughout the week as students and teachers will be done today live in nevada cbs five. police say their mother daughter crime to of and this money bay area mamma's on the run officers posted a 10 year-old for allegedly shoplifting at a safeway in the south bay. two waves the mom left a daughter holding the bag in more than once. do waves apparently this had happened before the two were caught a security camera about two weeks before the incident when you're caught with happened on september 19th in morgan hill here's how the scheme works basically they filled up a car full of groceries into the dollar was standing at the door with the treasury's well the mom pulled up her car while the daughter got caught by security at the door and that is when the
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mom just pulled away taking off in her car. marcy q and 511 200 lbs. and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. she called her 10 year-old daughter cellphone not to driving away. please insert it in chela refuse to come back. the equates she was not willing to sacrifice her daughter for her own game. to the little girl is not facing any charges police say that she told them she knew was wrong but didn't want to disappoint her mom. she drives a green ford explorer with wyoming license plate number 41186 the girl is staying with your great- grandmother renowned and so far no sign of feeling that you have any information or see that vehicle please call the morgan hill police. the waves and we thank you this morning officers are still standing guard at the federal building in san francisco this comes after
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about 30 occupy protesters tried to reclaim their camp last night the started taunting and throwing bottles at police and here's a live look at the scene right now all is quiet. late wednesday night that campsite was clear doubts about 45 people were cited and released but all is quiet at this hour on a friday maybe they're taking the weekend off. 6 06 right now the stay check on whether speaking of the weekend we all know want to know how to going to be. teocallis along the coastline just inside the them outside right now the clouds gathered along the coastline in a little thick up their dense fog toward the beaches and inside the day the temperature is its interesting using some cool members in the north bay 54 in concord a and
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to 66 degrees this afternoon. eighties in the someone '90s as well. hazy sunshine 6 is for the coastline but this weekend to promise to be much hotter will talk about that moment check out the road with those of it. and he mentioned all that thought out there. so once again visibility will be issued for heading into san francisco. they did pick up all that overnight roadwork. elsewhere in its go cruising we have ac transit's with a camera on a bus. they're heading for the bay bridge toll plaza son a couple of minutes we can see what it looks like on the upper deck in so far behind the gates of cecily that fast track planes there not in the meter in my son gets adequate
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with oracle and world for the middle of next week so once again the of the street closures south of market. do weights this is down a santa clara. no word yet on and that the injuries the hydrogen by the way has been cast a man suspected of raping a woman at gunpoint is in custody the victim told police she was walking around the world street in vallejo september 10th when the attacker approached her from behind. he threatened her with a semiautomatic handgun before raping her. police arrested him not far from the crime scene the bridge toll collector faces several charges including rape and kidnapping the man behind the protests and riots in the mission district will be in
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court today 22 world was shot by an officer last week investigators say they pulled a gun on off the stern the parolee was allegedly planning to commit a gang-related killing the 19 shots he shooting prompted several days of 83 demonstrations. to equate a mass of marijuana girl has been uncovered in the north then spread throughout the entire sandras the neighborhood and it was founded in the southern part of the city during the raid wednesday morning. did waves set every four block area it is worth an estimated $2,000,000.14999999 people were arrested. the waves that was just part of the problem. there's a lot of gang fighting it sad. did would like to move now because you never know what was going to happen next. investigators also found to match the half a pound of
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cocaine have a dozen guns and $25,000 in cash which is all believe to be connected to a gang activity. 19 people are dead at the cost of a plane taking pat passenger's to mount everest the plane went down in flames today shortly after takeoff the crash killed all on board and airport officials say the pilot reported hitting a soldier just two minutes after departure he was apparently trying to turn back on the plane went down leon panetta says it's clear that terrace were behind the deadly attack in benghazi but he says it is still uncertain which specific group is involves meanwhile the he says that government has suspended about 10 melissa groups in this country and says he will continue to take action against muslim extremists. in the man behind the entire muslim adl is now in jail. he was
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arrested yesterday his face covered up a federal judge in southern california ordered him to jail because it violated parole terms permit check fought fraud conviction that was unrelated to the video the judge also believes that his a risk 611 a baby tunicate stand ready to help a party the shocking photo that is now prompting an investigation. and hundreds of thousands of riders expected to descend on san francisco sunnites. how could disrupt the evening commutes in the as know paul revere at the man accused of riding horseback intoxicated in the streets is in a lot of i[ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking.
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. easier banking. in minneapolis a minute just have fired from his job shot and killed four co-workers before
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turning the gun on himself the workplace shooting happened yesterday afternoon in sight a sign making company for the people were wounded including three quickly later today they will dig up the driveway near detroit in the hopes of finding jimmy hoffa's remains investigators were told that a body was buried near this roseville michigan house in 1975 and that is around the time the union leader was last seen alive please do not expect to find his body but tests reveal that something is very nick at home. is tough and not your typical police chased by police in florida say drunken man on horseback was stopping traffic in the whole thing caught on camera he ran right through the intersection all the way to his grandmother's house apparently in a hurry after 30 minutes chase they call the guy and have salmon he faces numerous charges including the why of a horse. tonight a record number of
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bicycles will converge on the streets of san francisco to celebrate the 20th anniversary of critical mass mass that started back in 1992 to protest the dominance of city streets drivers are expecting delays during tonight's evening commutes coming up fell will talk about a critical mass live with police chief greg sir and former mayor willie brown they will toss that around shortly. and get a check on traffic a list of its you and i will have fun tomorrow. glued to this san francisco firefighters chili cookoffs it didn't take much to convince us to bring not a bad way to spend a saturday. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where it looks like they just turn the meeting lights on heading into san francisco it looks like cash in fast track planes it is a heads up u.n. have plenty of company if you're heading across the
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bay also just come into our newsroom a word of an accident now southbound 80 the approaching the alameda we just saw some emergency crews heading to the scene and are live caltrans camera in the area apparently it's an overturned possible injury accidents and is blocking the left lane. and that's just passed the lme and elsewhere provides come into the past dry time is up to 28 to a party deliver more looks like it continues that way slowing dutch were the dubliners change of three live look it was bound holly for traffic and little busier i not do any occupancy allied drive time centers improve quite a bit to the debate points and call curtis areas and if you're traveling along the peninsula of movie it top speeds just a heads up this is another weekend we can expect some delays on incoming flights there once again doing that roadwork extending one of the runways there adding more lighting so this is supposed to
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be the last weekend but we sought delays anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes in the previous weekend schedule and once again saturday and sunday that is a check of your time saver traffic for more of your weekend weather forecast we are keeping things out. is a tough week all week long it had delays just about every single day and no exceptions today and over an hour the fog that was causing the problem is out there again this morning and it's just inside the day of this budget is going to break up nicely in the temperatures will be sorry getting very warm maybe a little how is meant numbers now in the 40's and 50's outside and it looks like that has evolved is going to give way to some sunshine today but will take time in the morning hours. this weekend expects some much hotter weather. in the high as we seen since june numbers in the central valley '90s there mostly
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sunny and lake tahoe sunny skies and the monterey bay this afternoon about 64 degrees but this red meat we begin to see a little bit of offshore winds tomorrow there could be enough to help clear up the skies. we do have antifog and looks like will see a little for the fall tried to pin their on but bus bob the weekend is high-pressure really starts to compressed can't tell the jurors are going to be heating up 82 degrees expected in san jose and sunshine in redwood city is a major way to the east bay and 79 in vallejo is an essential they'll find '60s and '70s some eighties showing up in the north bay ballets the next couple of days to a courageous temperatures in the century mark in the sense that local things down as he headed toward tuesday i think a big-time cool down as he headed toward next wednesday and thursday so enjoy the he will not be around for very long. arizona state university police are trying to determine
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whether it botha that appears to show a baby being held up for adults is an inappropriate for a lot. the foot of the intent being held to report a kings stand was taken before the arizona state football game and it is not clear the child is actually drinking beer be can see the novel is actually in his mouth. an attorney assures that the baby was not drinking and alcohol and says the picture was dazed and all in good fun is not so funny right now. so we want to know does this picture go too far facebook friends yet does cap imposed on page i'm not laughing that's for sure. you can comment on facebook or twitter insidious 5 dot com. insidious i want to hear what is cool about your school. we have been reliving our own high school days so we dug up our your box and had to go back upon it.
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this is my friend died williams and nine orange acquires a that was familiar but but i'm not telling a long ago that was. i was a cheerleader and has cosell i was always the smallest ones does the man atop the pyramid. it's better to be on top on the bottom. there we go i was a wrestler and the guy with a big mouth and hair about 160 lbs.. that wasn't very fun. wrestling days. rsi cal for a couple years to. two weeks we can face the clerk read as five reasons why your school should be cbs five schools cool of the week we might take day we have is the are for school next week. they a
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about some sports the a's a looking to close the gap with division leading the rangers in the series finale less is today at texas starting pitcher travis blackly just didn't have allowed two home runs in just one inning the a's battled mccain using nine to seven they got the three game series with seattle tonight in oakland. as for your giants there is even got his 14th win and record high since it joined
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the team, and spy hunter pence marcus bureau held the giants to 74 victory in of arizona. the last day on the road before they open up the playoffs. the weights said today's play today comes from europe. there is a home run on the wide field wall base data something so. that is a sensational catch. in the pirate rightfielder and they lost the game 65 look at that. he jumped interested himself up their 626 now and coming up another confrontation that occupy assets overnights what police were called at once again. herrmann use her daughter to rob a place to supermarkets. the waves and
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12 year-old girl who died when she was biking home from school tearfully now speaks out about her death then tells us at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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erika derry: and the fact that cacalifornia isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers...
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that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you.
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friday september 28th. a 12 year-old girl hit and killed in a very dangerous north the intersection and among the run after cops say she is her 10 year-old to shoplift those stories and more in your morning minutes. those kind of individuals to not deserve to have children.
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had a bay area mom accused of using her 10 year-old to shoplift. very sad things to report out of nevada where they they're flying down here. there is no speed limits posted a mass of marijuana at crow has been uncovered spread throughout the entire neighborhood. what they found inside is a trove of marijuana plants 24 of them in his backyard alone some of them we're told are growing higher than the fence. eteocles brad. is the official roseanne barr's if recent free of peace and freedom party candidates. from across the bay to around the world. the story is a matter on eyewitness news this morning. the morning everyone.
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the death of a 12 year-old girl who is head by a car yesterday afternoon was especially difficult for an 7 near san ran high school this morning grief counselors will be at the girls middle school reporter kate could areas outside where she just spoke with that principle. the so yes the prince will give us an emotional statements about will be happening today you can feel a sense of loss of your voice she says the loss of any type especially when the conflicts faced you. it's a horrible tragedy of the fed did make note the great counselors will be here the next half-hour is it will be planning to figure of how the they'll go accordingly was students and staff to do what they thought of the young girl was killed in the accident and memorial pace identify harris hit a bad that she and her family just moved to the bay area two weeks ago from mexico
6:33 am
at that memorial grows online in other one is also growing at the spot she was hit. teocallis police say sioux's biking along the busy boulevard on a limb from school. and she is just a couple hundred yards for her home and a lot of chase neighborhood many whites gmc yukon have had on this happened around 3:00 p.m. tuesday in to a local hospital and advice to oakland children's hospital where police say she died two and half hours later. the middle school's principal says even though he was here for just a short time she left a big market loss for the school. this are one loss to fill the child. the waves so the pain is deep and it will be deep for our community. the deepest love
6:34 am
and support for the family of the leigh anne for friends and for our school community. as eager for a loss. police say the man driving the cb sit the scene and is cooperative with police. he was intoxicated or violated any traffic laws we know that i ran can sheriff's will be putting an autopsy and the young girl today. they'll be here in just half an hour three different organizations will be represented to help students and staff still does that loss. cbs five. the equates popular albany of middle school teacher is accused of having an improper relationship with the students will be in court today he was picked up wednesday on suspicion of lewd acts with a child under 14 the district contacted the police after receiving $100,000 had sent a clear principle arrested on drug charges back in court today montague elementary
6:35 am
scott allegedly offered drugs to an undercover officer and founder of meth ecstasy bills and several hidden cameras at that principle san francisco home. imam is on the run this morning after police say she sent her 10 year-old daughter and to restore to shoplift and then took off when the gross cost reporter and mackovic is in morgan hill with more on this story. it really is apollyon police say that this happened at least two times the first time they didn't get caught they did get caught. here's how the scam worked apparently they filled up the pressure parts there in the story this mom and a 10 year-old daughter the daughter walked the cards to the exit door while the mom pulled a vehicle up and that is when the daughter was caught the months of this and see them on just drove away she is now on the list here is that moms picture the 38 year-old marcie
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q and 51118 charges of burglary and contributing to the to the delinquency of a minor the city called daughters cellphone after driving away the police into debts and to refuse to come back. police say the little girl knew was wrong but didn't want to disappoint her mom one man says he saw this all go down in the girls reaction was curtis strange. elin drives a green ford explorer with a wyoming license placed no. 41118 smell the girl is staying with her grandmother here in morgan hill we did speak with the grandmother she didn't want to go on camera and said her daughter is bipolar the little girl is not going to face any charges and if you notice mamma's please call the morgan l.p. live in morgan hill cbs five. this morning officers are
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still say standing guard at the federal reserve building in san francisco and is still comes up to 30 occupy protesters tried to reclaim their camp last night's deserted taunting and throwing bottles at police and this is a live look at the scene right now you can see that police are still their protesters ran off with additional backup arrived in late wednesday night's campsite was cleared out and about 45 people with second with laura. it will get close. some hottest amateur is we've seen since june were surrounded by patty dense fog along the coastline inside the day the temperature is now in the '40's and '50's we are seeing some delays sfo. due to the cloud cover. 82 is the expected high and sandras say 86 in morgan hill about 79 in milpitas temple is that the 80s
6:38 am
and low 90s showing up by the afternoon and into the central they will see this sunshine more than ever. it will be my task harder weekend to check out those blows there to. it is a surprise the bay bridge to where backed up in all lanes down cash and fast track back up to the committee lights are on. is much better news if you're traveling to the south bay's outbound att. this there were slow in the area looks like we're seeing some improvement there's a live look from iraq caltrans cameras soon dried thyme crosses stretch is still pretty sluggish now 11 minutes between highway 237 into 80 the rest of your drive time-san jose downtown san as a self are looking pretty dead walking outside here's a look the milpitas ought to make it starts
6:39 am
very busy though coming from the alta not pass it kind of slowing go for the 2 05 all layout for the dublin and change that is your times it will traffic back to you. 639 amass of marijuana crowd at the end of this entire sandras the neighborhood and has been uncovered during a raid this week officers found more than a thousand in the southern part of the city it's worth an estimated $2,000,000.15 people at arrested investigators also found traces of meth half a pound of cocaine half a dozen guns and 25. in cash in the neighbor had a loan it is all believe to be connected to gang activity. a ribbon cutting ceremony planned in south san jose for a pedestrian bridge with a sad history the bridge, crosses monterey road and is parallel train tracks in the blossom hill road interchange the community fought long and hard for the over crossing in
6:40 am
back in 2005 when to year-old alexander was struck and killed by a train their the bridge is now named in that little boys honor. teocallis the contract tied to the ira's is accused of violating terms of the contract with st. francis go according to the examiner now they claim the contractor has been paying workers less than the san francisco minimum-wage which is 1024 and our there also claims that the number of local people being hired does not meet the terms the first of three is just five is the way the two major committees will spent much of this weekend. when president obama's bush campaign in virginia one of the swing states of course is considered crucial for a victory in november the first debate today in denver colorado could be seen when tonight at 6:00 right here on cbs five. comedienne roseanne barr helps the bay area will inject century energies into her presidential campaign she's
6:41 am
running for the white house as the member of the peace and freedom party. as she spoke at the campus trade school in oakland to tell in a small crowd it she would like to legalize marijuana. 641 it was a true free market finds a woman buys a real red what for $7 but now she may have to get up for free + record numbers are expected at a critical mass to how to please plan on keeping order? political insider film is here find dallas take a look at the numbers at the end of the week ended not so rosy juice in books ended not so rosy juice in books coming up right after the break.
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two wheels will take over downtown san francisco's night's is called a critical mass that is celebrating two decades of activism and attitude political insider that telesphere. do waves former mayor willie brown joins us now we have it all house and mayer brown you may remember when this gathering that out of control even saying that it little jail time 82 writers and less than. your thoughts as the city gets ready to be crowded once again depicted the series will be crowded. there's going to be no need to put anybody in jail. i've been surveying all over town at the last three days and everybody is in a really wonderful mood and believe me i think that is the way it's going to be the whole weekend. teocallis we kicked off the
6:46 am
biggest rights and critical mass we had ever seen. took over the freeway and this is where we wound up. we have no reason to. this said very clearly s will not win a treat this man like we treated this bear. without justification because now tonight what you planning and doing for the rest of us? typically to have a lot of sense syenite is largely cooperative now all and we're just asking for motorists to be patient. we do know that is going to be bitter. but it has been a moving fee. we had a pike said to pose a big snake to downtown san francisco. we never know if
6:47 am
you're going to try and can be chopped up for seven half-hour. normally now we're looking at three to five minutes may be a life cycles whites. the waves to the patient breathe deeply and we don't agree the confrontation this has been a demonstration if you will the move is now. we facilitated the moves that are planned tonight. but we just asked people to be patient. and we also have something different in my opinion when we were confronted 15 years ago by syphilis were not allowed to consider a wonderful folks with bike lanes all over town and with lots of people using them now you probably have five to 10% to the people on the road every day our own bicycles and that is where it has been for a long period of time.
6:48 am
but tonight how many actually how about? and you have any advice for people? we cannot have any idea where the route is obviously it's nine times at 1095% ease to 26 1/3 and in the downtown area and you're wondering why traffic is stalled for critical mass that is probably moving and we do have ever been working for our traffic co. and every that can be done to wheels whether it's a bicycle and honda were highly they're all working. my advice to stay indoors. says the image is. we have to jump down and enjoy your coffee and think you guys. we appreciate it. consumer spending is up but it may not necessarily be good news here to talk about that jason brooks kcbs radio and money one-stop,. tip weeks turns out they're dipping into savings more to pay for things like gas
6:49 am
the congress says the consumer spending rose a half percent last month the biggest gain since february much of that coming in from higher prices fell personal incomes only rose a 10th of a percent sell a lot of people had to make up for the higher costs by dipping into their savings as a result not a promising site for the economy. and research in motion the company that makes the blackberry last $235 million that was much better than expected and they seem to be somewhat optimistic about the next black bear it opt operating system coming out in their still really rallying over 10 percent this morning. bankamerica regarding its purchase of maryland's three years ago. $2.4 billion. wall street drops off this morning after some gains yesterday right now the dow was lowered by 97 points nasdaq has seventy in the s&p off by nine
6:50 am
also this morning to end up apologizing for the new map feature on the iphone 5 that they can have done much better couples shared shares down over half percent. thanks so much. six fidgets get a check on the weather will be the hottest begin receiving quite some time. as their original sin right down to the surface and we have some of the fog sleeping inside the day. 86 in san jose and 48 in the santa rosa as we have throughout the day to day is pretty thick curly on mostly sunny and warm to hot a special inside the bay and the interior valleys getting on the hot cited much how the what hotter weather on the weekends delays in sfo this morning over an hour on arriving flights to some low
6:51 am
clouds and fog but a couple troubled spots around the country. also in new york still here in the bay area that ridge will strengthen the is going to sue temperatures soar. still awaits a decision in san jose was 63 and pacific and east bay temperatures at the 80s and low 90s and then as a way to make your way into the central day '70s and '80s and the north bay and next couple of days they're going to correct this temperatures up getting very hot through sunday than it looks like more coolly into tuesday so far we're doing quite nicely as friday morning and no major problems out there let's go driving ran nike's cbs. allen brooks looks like he's getting on to the was down 580 right now we just gave mccall. across
6:52 am
the stretch as the head toward the road drive time from the also pass to the aa changes right now about a half an hour south the market sell oracle up the world and this is bad road closure for a black howard street is once again shut down between third and fourth muni also has to be rerouted. stop on a 18 we have it overturned an accident blocking a couple of planes shot up with silicon valley we see a lot of bright lights across the stretch the milpitas. not the case this morning and the green lights are on it the bay bridge. once you have to san francisco in the upper deck things are pretty dead. that is a check of your traffic and weather to get their patio. the believes the iran mama sold for seven bucks. it may have been stolen the painting was sold in west and
6:53 am
west virginia from flea market but evidence has surfaced this week that peace may have been taken from the baltimore museum of art's decades ago the fbi is now looking into and in museums says it has paperwork to prove the painting belongs to them. still awaits 653,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,d
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friends and teachers are remembering a 12 year-old about a girl who was hit and killed by car yesterday csi reported cases that the girls' school with more on what's being done for grieving classmates. the principle of the middle school and three counselors are preparing for an emotional day ahead. still awaits here is 12 year-old haley ratliff taken from face but and allen memorial pace grows a new memorial is also growing at the site she was killed on a bottle boulevard near as the high-school police say there are biking home. 2 1/2 hours later they say the man driving the as you feed did stay at this this this day
6:57 am
at the scene in cooperated with investigators police say he was not intoxicated and did not violate any traffic was as a community greece today parents are now speaking of saying that police need to do something in the city needs to do something about the intersection so that a tragedy like this is not happen again. in morgan hill mom is on the run this morning police say the 38 year-old use her 10 year- old daughter to help shoplift police say it develop a card with a hundred $50 worth of food and alcohol they say the dollar was waiting at the access while the mother went to get a car that daughter was costs and her mom took off the girls grandmother tells cbs five that's the mother is a manic depressive. with a big football game on cbs five. i don't know that that is one ugly mug. did we its and the raiders play this weekend
6:58 am
and cbs five. at 1:00. it should be a great weekend. two weeks throughout the bay area which doesn't have the dense fog watch out for that early on by the action in the temperatures will be soaring right now as some 47 fifties these numbers added up to the 80s and 90s in the valley around the bay and '60s were the coast going to be how weekends to mature is moving in the upper 90s by sunday into monday that will be the people that he's in local things down toward next week we got toward a 80 in oakland fog was hovering early this morning son northbound looks ok and up toward downtown a quick look at the fog the bay bridge back up through the macarthur maize 20 minute wait just to get you onto the bridge no fog this
6:59 am


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